COOKING DASH Apk 2.25.4 Crack Latest Version Free Download 2024

.COOKING DASH Apk 2.25.4 Crack Latest Version Free Download 2024

COOKING DASH 2020 Apk MOD + Data Free Download

COOKING DASH Apk 2.25.4 Crack is full of a fast-paced restaurant with a happy ending (though it will take a long time to get there) when Cookie finally asks Flo from the guest on his show where they come out with a performance they remember! With Flo and Grandma taking over in Cooking Dash, the original installment in the stunning Time Management series, you not only have to sit and serve customers, but you can already cook their food as well. Whatever dishes customers think – whether it’s simple juice, pasta, or meatballs – you should prepare and serve them as quickly as possible. This is an intriguing game that calls for your quick thinking. Based on customer orders, you must rapidly make delectable cuisine. Each level will feature three-star ratings for you, therefore to receive three stars from customers and keep your possibility of receiving three stars in the following level.

COOKING DASH Download Free When Cookie the Chef leaves Flo Diner for a reality TV career, Dayton Town is suddenly overloaded with a lack of chefs because every week Cookie invites a different chef to guest star on his cooking show. With no one running to run their dinner kitchen, Flo and Grandma decided to fold their sleeves and challenge cooking themselves. During the game, Flo and Grandma have to keep the fort in the other restaurant kitchens in town while the chefs guest the Cookie Tournament. This means you can try cooking other foods too, such as Italian pizza and Japanese sushi. Between levels, you can also buy upgrades for each restaurant, whether it’s a new piece of equipment that helps make things more efficient, or a decorative element to improve the look of the restaurant.

COOKING DASH Apk Latest Version

COOKING DASH For PC Flo returns to cook dishes instead of serving them. When Cookie the Chef leaves Flo`s Diner to pursue his career on a popular cooking show, there is a shortage of chefs at DinerTown so Cookie invites them all to appear as guest stars. Flo, along with her grandmother, helps out at all four restaurants in DinerTown and ends up hosting Cookie on a host of Hollywood’s Flo`s Diner movies! With over a million downloads, this is the most downloaded culinary game for Android. PlayFirst created the game, and PlayFirst also handled publishing. While many gamers are interested in playing this game, many are unsure of how to obtain it. We will now clarify that. A fascinating and thrilling game called Cooking Dash.

COOKING DASH Latest Version has been a fan-favorite video game for many years and we’ve seen quite several different embodiments of this addicting game come and go. Now, mobile operators have a version to call with the new Cooking Dash 2020 Android app. Help our favorite restaurant Flo as she begins her career on television with a series of cooking shows. Start small, but fame and fortune await you and bring a variety of different customers to a live audience. Use your mouse and keyboard to quickly control the action when you run Cooking Dash 2020 on your PC or Mac. The faster you serve your customers, the more tips you’ll get, and the higher your earnings. Play Cooking Dash 2020 to take on hundreds of new levels.

COOKING DASH 2020 Apk MOD + Data Free Download


Cook your way to the stars!

  • Control the fast-paced chaos as you roam around the kitchen, and prepare meals for crazy customers! Gather lots of tips for excellent service and make those profits! You are fond of the beautiful TV Chef MEGA-FAME!

Hundreds of episodes are complete!

  • Enjoy a plethora of culinary delights at unique restaurant offerings such as Las Vegas Steak Steak, Crazy Taco Taco, the Modern Hipster Cafe, and many more on the way!

Collect and upgrade!

  • Want to get more successful and famous? Spend your earnings on upgrades for food and appliances for your restaurant! Upgrade to gleaming ovens, fine dining stations, and more to ensure all customers get three-star service!

Wheels Award!

  • Make a new Weldon Brownie – Spin to Win! Spin the free prize wheel every day to win prizes like gold, prep recipes, VIP tickets, auto cooks, clothes, pets, and more!

Clothing and pets!

  • Dress up Flo in fun-themed clothes for each show, and prepare your pets to help you in the kitchen by automatically offering Prep recipes!

Final Series!

  • Want to test your skills? Experience a glove with challenging levels in the final series Venus – experts only! Beat each episode in place with 4 or more stars to unlock!

Trial style!

  • Try your luck with the style experience! This multiplayer event features different places each time – do you have what it takes to be the best?

Get ready for awesome recipes for more customers!

  • Make special Recipes in the preparatory kitchen and attract customers with their favorite dishes! They will get more and more famous things, drop wonderful things, and give you special powers to blow up your safes with huge profits and keep your star rising!

Become famous!

  • Encourage the flames of your fame as you begin to showcase your OWN filled with most elite VIPs coming to see you and your wonderful culinary skills! It’s FOOD and FAME for you as you host the world’s most spectacular dinner parties for millions of visitors! It’s the dream of the TV chef to come true!


  • Lots of levels
  • Good balance in difficulty level in early levels
  • Fun soundtrack


  • Subsequent levels are challenging
  • Nothing original

What’s New?

  • Welcome to SWINE ‘N’ DINE! Hit the streets as you run a fun Filipino food truck!
  • Complete 60 new levels from this portable pop-up menu filled with exotic seafood dishes like Banana Candy, Chicken Adobo, and more!
  • Fry, rap, or peck dishes, such as Fish Empanadas, while pigs roast slowly over a fireplace!
  • Make lots of delicious dishes like Filipino Ceviche for hungry customers!
  • AutoChef Alonso gets your fully upgraded Chop Station, and rice is always ready! very helpful!

System Requirements:

  • Windows XP / Vista
  • 1.2 GHz processor
  • 256 MB of RAM
  • 64 MB of video RAM
  • 27 MB free disk space
  • The online version is Internet Explorer

How to Crack?

  • Disable your network card or pull out the network cable.
  • You can find the text file with detailed instructions in the final download.
  • Prevent the program from installing any updates on its own.
  • Always block the program on Windows Firewall.
  • All Enjoy!




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